Veganly Deli

All  food is natural & handmade in small batches, created by Michelin trained chefs.

You order – we make it. Always fresh and zero waste.

Best Ingredients

Michelin * suppliers

100% Natural

No nasties


Tastes Amazing!

Plant Based

Up to 59g protein!

We have carefully crafted 100% vegan, cruelty-free meat and cheese alternatives that capture the best flavours & textures most people are used to – without a negative impact on your health, animals, and the environment.

Our meats, cheeses, sauces and sandwich toppers taste like no other vegan product on the market. We’re Michelin trained, professional chefs that have been developing our recipes for years. We’re confident after one sampling you’ll be hooked!

We incorporate holistic superfoods into all our products, check the ingredient list of your favourite item. Our products are more nutrient dense than regular meat & cheese, with no bad cholesterol. Your doctor will thank you for finding us!

We use the best quality natural ingredients in our products (many organic). You won’t find any preservatives, refined sugars, additives or thickeners. These are the cleanest, all-natural vegan products on the market.

We are part of the Vegan Friendly community.

Customers Reviews

Veganly meats are addictive! My son, who doesn't eat vegetables loves the turkey sandwich and thinks it's real meat. I will tell him one day.
Susan Brannely, Leeds
I am not vegan, but my wife and kids are. She fed me some vegan products over the years, but nothing as good as from the Veganly guys. This is really tasty stuff!
veganly client2
Pavel Kovar, London
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