About Us

What Do We Make?

Our meats & cheeses taste like no other vegan product on the market. We’re Michelin trained, professional chefs that have been developing our recipes for years. We’re confident after one sampling you’ll be hooked!

We incorporate holistic superfoods into all our our products, which are more nutrient dense than regular meat & cheese, with no bad cholesterol. Your doctor will thank you for finding us!

We use the best quality natural ingredients, organic wherever possible. You won’t find any preservatives, refined sugars, additives or thickeners. These are the cleanest, all-natural vegan products on the market.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

480000 +
Vegans in the UK 2020
Veganuary Campaign 2021
UK flexitarians by 2025

Certified Organic - pesticide & herbicide free

Whenever possible, we source organic ingredients and always non GMO & natural!

Eating Veggies Is Good For You & The Planet!

We decided to back Vegan Friendly, a non-profit organisation promoting businesses adopting veganism as part of their food offering. They make it easy to find vegan options near you.

Why We Are The Best

Michelin 3* Chefs

We have worked for the best chefs in the world as named by the San Pellegrino Best Restaurant List (Heston Blumental & Helen Darroze).

Skills & Methods

Our technical cooking skills are top notch, meaning we apply best methods based on molecular science. You receive the finest prepared products on the market.


We use the same food suppliers as we did when we worked in the Michelin * kitchens in Kensington! You are eating the highest quality ingredients available in the UK. Better than the items you’ll pick up on your supermarket shelf and better quality than the dishes cooked for you in most restaurants.

Some Of Our Healthy Swaps

We follow Dr. Michael Greger’s groundbreaking food science research, using foods with the highest antioxidant levels. We then incorporate our knowledge of food synergy, upping the bioavailability of those ingredients.

Veganly Mayo

Our Vegan Mayo is basically a superfood!

Instead of using basic oils with bad trans fats, our vegan mayonnaise consists of only cold pressed, first press oils of European origin. A combination of the most alkalining, antioxidant rich oils for the human body: hemp, avocado, rapeseed & olive.

Veganly Nuts

Nuts & Seeds Activated

We activate all nuts and seeds before using them, effectively removing the gut damaging phytic acid present. This makes them more biovailable and easy to digest.

No Tap Water

No Tap Water

We all know what the city water can be like. We do not use tap water in our recipes. It contains added chemicals and pharmaceutical waste products. We use filtered, reverse osmosis, alkaline balanced water in all products during preparation and cooking.

Veganly Organic Hemp Seeds

Hemp - Shell On

We coat one of our cheeses with certified organic, unhulled hemp seeds. All the goodness is in the shell that is usually removed. We keep the shell! Apart from the nutritional benefits it has stimulating effects on the gut.

Veganly Organic Hemp Protein

No Wheat Flour

We replace wheat flour with a mix of (UK grown) organic hemp & pumpkin protein powders. This ups the protein content of our meats and ensures you are consuming the full spectrum of omegas. Something that can be missing in a vegan diet.

Veganly Organic Tofu

Tofu & Soya Organic

When we use tofu or soya products, they are 100% non GMO, organic & unbleached.