We donate 5% of profits to save rainforests and biodiversity in Borneo.

The rainforest plays a crucial role in cooling our planet, absorbing CO2 and providing biodiversity. This balance holds the whole ecosystem together, because plants and animals are co-dependent on each other.

Human activity decimated this oldest in the world rainforest in Borneo, which is double the size of Germany. Borneo is divided among Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei and produces 50% of the worlds timber supply.

1980s & 1990s saw the biggest deforestation in Borneo, higher than Africa & South America combined.

Borneo’s rainforest disappears faster than the Amazon. 60-240 cubic metres of wood harvested per hectare vs 23 cubic metres in Amazon. The damage is ongoing & irreversible.
Here is one of the amazing Birds of Paradise we are working to save (the species was only recently discovered).
Watch the full 2 min video to see it’s rare dance, unlike anything else on Earth.

We are loosing biodiversity forever

20000 +
Unique Species
110000000 +
The Oldest Rainforest On Earth (130mln years old!)

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