Mixed Olives Selection 200g


A selection of artisan olives:

  • Grilled Green Manzanilla

Smokey, sharp, salt & tangy – for snacking, with white meat/fish and topping anything that needs a flavour bomb hit.

  • Picholine & Chilli Green

Tart, sweet, creamy, nutty, refreshing – for snacking, in quinoa or salads & in margarita cocktails.

  • Gordal Green

Mellow, sweet, fruity, grassy, mild & clean – for snacking, put on party trays or an antipasto platter.

  • Couchillo Black

Intensely aromatic with a rich savoury & salty flavour – perfect in spaghetti puttanesca, nicose salad, margarita pizza.

Weight200 g