White Miso Mayo (50% extra free)


One of the most popular condiments everyone is asking about. We decided to give you 50% extra free!

Same price, but the tub is 2x larger – from 180g to 280g to last you all week long!

This is the most popular dressing in our sister catering company. We use it regularly as a dressing for potato salad but it is so versatile it can be used in any dish where you want a salty, deep flavoured, creamy element. A slick of it in your homemade sushi rolls will make them pop. Thinned out with a little water it is the perfect pasta sauce for a weeknight dinner.

Dips/sauces: (sauce usage: 15ml tops a burger/30ml dresses a large bowl of pasta or salad/30ml tops a buddha bowl)

Weight280 g