Vegan Meats

All our vegan meat products use organic hemp and pumpkin protein powder in place of wheat flour, to supercharge the meats with extra clean protein and a subtle umami nutty flavour. These are all natural, 100% vegan & high protein superfoods. Perfect to eat at any time of day, in any way that suits you.

Particularly good post-workout and to aid muscle gain because of their higher protein content! They are all sold sliced and sealed in vacuum packs to maintain freshness.

Vegan Cheeses


These tubs of “chunkie” goodness are perfect as sandwich fillers, potato toppers, served mixed through pasta/rice or layer them up as part of a buddha bowl. They’re so yummy, you’ll find yourself eating them direct from the tub! All products are 100% vegan.

Pantry Essentials


Created so vegans never have to go without! A variety of 100% vegan kitchen staples ready to use for any occasion – weeknight dinner, al fresco lunch, or a helping hand when entertaining guests. We’ve worked tirelessly on these recipes so they taste as good, if not better than the real thing.

Our mayonnaise based sauces are made with a special 4 oil recipe. We use cold pressed rapeseed, avocado, hempseed & olive oils. These oils are rich in the healthy Oleic acid, lower your cholesterol, are high in the antioxidant lutein and promote the absorption of other nutrients you consume. Basically it’s a superfood mayo! This 4 oil mix is not only good for you, it gives an amazing rounded, delicate, yet nutty mouth feel. So delicious.

All seeds and nuts are “activated” to remove the gut agitating phytic acids present, before we use them in our sauces and pesto.

Enjoy our sauces and dips in the knowledge they are filled with the highest quality clean, healthy ingredients.