Christmas Hampers

All of our food is made in-house, using the finest ingredients. We use no refined sugars, preservatives or add nasties of any kind.

All of our drinks are organic, biodynamic & vegan. Made by award winning, sustainable winemakers. We’ve gone out of our way to source the best drinks from superstar producers.

As connoisseurs of good taste, we’re aiming to give you an extra special Christmas with our food & drink selection!

Vegan Meats

All our vegan meat products use organic hemp and pumpkin protein powder in place of wheat flour, to supercharge the meats with extra clean protein and a subtle umami nutty flavour. These are all natural, 100% vegan & high protein superfoods. Perfect to eat at any time of day, in any way that suits you.

Particularly good post-workout and to aid muscle gain because of their higher protein content! They are all sold sliced and sealed in vacuum packs to maintain freshness.

You can also purchase our vegan meats online with other retailers: